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Cyber stopovers

Sharing and exchanging on maritime cybersecurity issues

France Cyber Maritime is organizing “Les Escales cyber en régions“!

The aim of these stopovers is to meet, exchange and share information with local actors of maritime, port and cybersecurity sectors.

A first stop in Saint-Nazaire

France Cyber Maritime chose the Pays-de-la-Loire region to host its very first Cyber stopover, on June 29.

Among other things, the event enabled participants to:

  • Discover the Pays de la Loire Region’s commitment to defending the region against cyber attacks and supporting awareness initiatives.
  • Learn more about cyber crisis management thanks to Jean-Francois Pasquier’s feedback, Director of Information Systems at Groupe Beneteau.
  • Introduce theMaritime Cyber Threat Overview 2022” with Régis Dubrulle, regional delegate of ANSSI for the Pays de la Loire region, a speaker from M-CERT and an expert from the French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories.
  • And finally, experience a tailor-made cyber crisis management exercise, thanks to the workshop led by Alcyconie.


Introduction by Madame Claire Hugues, 11th Vice-President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council, responsible for maritime affairs.

Jean-François Pasquier, Director of Information Systems at Groupe Beneteau, reports on the cyber attack suffered by the group in February 2021.

Thematic workshop led by Alcyconie, an independent firm specializing in cyber crisis management.

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