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Anticipating, analyzing, sharing

Greater resilience in maritime and port operations also depends upon the ability to anticipate threats and assist victims of cyberattacks. This is the mission of M-CERT (Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team).

National level

This national centre, based in Brest (France), is in charge of monitoring and analysing cyber threats as well as sharing information to alert maritime and port operators.


  • Helping to prevent security incidents by improving cybersecurity awareness, promoting the implementation of necessary protection measures, detecting vulnerabilities on networks and systems.
  • Analyze vulnerabilities, threats, attacks and risks with a sectoral perspective.
  • Sharing information of interest for the sector by disseminating dedicated bulletins and Cyber Threat Intelligence and by broadcasting national and international security alerts and warnings.
  • Organizing, coordinating, centralizing, collecting and identifying cyber incidents.
  • Cooperate at regional, national, european and international levels to build trusted networks on maritime cybersecurity.


Incident Response:

• Cyber-prevention activities

Support and Cooperation

M-CERT is a member of InterCERT France, a federation of major CSIRTs in France.

M-CERT also benefits from coordination agreements on maritime cybersecurity signed between France Cyber Maritime and the French Navy and with the French Gendarmerie Maritime.

M-CERT has received an initial financial funding and support by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (Agence Nationale de Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information, ANSSI) and by the French Secretary for the Sea (Secrétariat Général de la Mer, SGMer).

France Cyber Maritime members

With more than 80 members, France Cyber Maritime brings together within three membership boards public sector players and regional coastal authorities, maritime operators and cyber security solution providers.

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